Updated 27/12/2002 The single 'Banana Chop' is due for release in the new year. All details relating to the release will be given on this site. So to all our fans, keep your eyes and ears open just in case you miss it! Paul
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Aeroplane were the best band on the bill, in what was actually an even more memorable bill than last time. Aeroplane were nestled in between the likes of Special Needs, who get the award for most aptly named band of the year, and the Plastic Heros, who were so in love with themselves I doubt they even noticed there was an audience there. Aeroplane have matured slightly since their last gig at the Verge. The tunes are a little more rounded and the band are more tight as a unit, but one thing that hasn't changed is the way that every song is tight, upbeat and well-crafted. There's apparently going to be a single out early next year - Who'll be reviewing that, I wonder? It's a hard job but someone's gotta do it!(23/12/2002)

.....more reviews Having been a fan of Apes from as far back as, ooh, as long as I've known of their existence, I was disappointed to say the least when bassplayer Aki went back to Japan, leading to Apes parting company. Luckily Taku and Nobu (Guitar and Drums) have carried on with some new band members in the form of Aeroplane. Aeroplane appeared on stage in boiler suits and with a lot of attitude. This time Taku was on bass, while one of the new band members took up guitar duties. So what's different from Apes? The same attitude is there - the same determination to play well and play loud, but the over-all effect is not quite as polished as Apes. To be fair though, the band are only recently formed, and things can only get better. Certainly Aeroplane were the best band on the bill and it looks like they will grow into a very highly competent act indeed. We'll be following their fortunes closely here at 9th Circle, so watch this space...


31st of Jan @ WestEnd center, Aldershot
Box office 01252 330040
11st of Feb @ the Verge , 147 kentish town road
Tel 020 7485 2781